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The industry leader in sports betting data.

OpticOdds provides data solutions to dozens of innovators in the industry, ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar sportsbooks.

Real-time odds from 200+ sportsbooks

Real-time odds from 200+ sportsbooks

Including DraftKings & Caesars, we offer real-time data for all major leagues, including the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, UFC, WNBA, MLB, EPL, La Liga, League of Legends, CSGO, PGA, NHL and more. We’re constantly adding new markets & sportsbooks for our clients.

360 Market Coverage

360 Market Coverage

OpticOdds provides real-time data for alternate lines, player props, futures, game props and more.

Algorithmic models

Algorithmic Models

Our team of quantitative researchers focuses on building the most accurate models for the sports betting industry so you can focus on bettor experience.


Real-time sports betting API & push feeds

The OpticOdds API offers real-time betting lines & odds from 200+ sportsbooks.

200+ operators including onshore sportsbooks, DFS, sharp offshore sportsbooks and sweepstakes (Fliff)

Main lines, alternate lines, player markets, game markets and futures

Ultra low latency

Push format

Our secret sauce is our data standardization and speed across our broad depth of markets

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Odds Screen for Traders

Built on real-time data, the Odds Screen provides custom-weighted consensus lines, receive real-time outlier, and line movement alerts, and view historical odds all in one place:

200+ operators including onshore sportsbooks, DFS, sharp offshore sportsbooks and sweepstakes (Fliff)

Create custom alerts via on Screen alerts or our Slack integration

To improve their risk management, traders can click into a given cell and view the price and bet points history

Also, you can view historical CLV for up to two weeks via the calendar feature in the top left corner of the Screen

Odds Screen

Same Game Parlay Insight

A first in the industry offering via API or our SGP Builder allows you to manage risk better:

Receive Real-Time, Same Game Parlay Prices from Top Sportsbooks in One Experience

Main lines, alternate lines, player markets, and game markets - full market coverage from top sportsbooks.

Available via comprehensive bet builder and API solution

SGP Insight

Market Intelligence

View Real-Time and Historic Market Comparisons in a single dashboard:

Programmatically identify profitable opportunities by moving on missing events and markets

360 market coverage - view Main lines, alternate lines, player markets, and game markets.

Automatically deep dive into competitor’s hold, vig, and up-time, and release time.

Market Intelligence

Proprietary AI Odds

OpticOdds provides the earliest & sharpest lines for upcoming games.

Proprietary no-vig odds programmatically through the API

No-vig value for all sports, leagues, and markets

Advanced proprietary lines easily accessible through our API

Proprietary Odds

Bet Grader

Automatic settlement & settlement verification. Payout bets correctly the first time, while avoiding unnecessary payouts with OpticOdds' Bet Grader.

We provide a bet grader through our API

Receive a result of won, lost, refunded, or pending depending on the six required inputs

We grade leagues like MLB, NBA, NCAAB, NFL, NCAAF, NHL, Soccer, Esports, and more

We are actively expanding the leagues and markets we grade

Odds Grader

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How to blend the power of predictive modeling with real-time odds data and insights from the sharpest sportsbooks in the market.

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How do sportsbooks set odds in the first place?

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More Markets, More Money: The OpticOdds Market Intelligence Tool

Easily add new markets to drive additional betting volume.

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