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DonBest Alternative:
Comparison with OpticOdds

Looking for an alternative to DonBest's API? Learn & compare DonBest's offering to other sports betting odds & API services, like OpticOdds.

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DonBest Offering & Feature Comparison

Understand how the DonBest offering compares across cost, features, integration, data coverage, and more.

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Fast & Easy to Use Interface
Guided onboarding assistance
Alternate lines
Results, schedules & grading
Ultra-low latency data feeds for prematch and in-play
Onshore, offshore, and global sportsbooks
Odds screen
Consensus lines and Slack notifications
24/7 customer success
Real-time player markets
API push feed
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How much does DonBest cost?

DonBest's base pricing is budget-friendly, but the expense can rise substantially if you opt for extra add-ons like real-time data.

On the flip side, OpticOdds is the best odds solution for operators and businesses that need a cost effective solution and less of a learning curve. OpticOdds has a simpler, more intuitive user interface and offers all the features of a robust data provider. You can get up and running quickly without training or a time-consuming integration.

Why choose OpticOdds over DonBest as your sports betting solution?

Why settle for slower data providers? With OpticOdds, you have THE fastest data you need in one place, packaged in an easy to use API.

Pre-match & in-play live odds

Get main lines, alternate markets, and props from over 100 of the most popular sportsbooks in the world, all in one place


Get the most comprehensive list of futures across all major sportsbooks and leagues

Deep links

Maximize affiliate revenue and send users directly to the exact wager they click on at the correct sportsbook

Injury reports

OpticOdds has comprehensive injury data for all the major sports leagues - NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and more

Game & player results

See real time game and player scores and stats

Schedules & rosters

Get schedules and roster data for all teams across the major sports leagues

Historical data

Get historical scores and odds data for all major leagues and sports

Bet auto-grader

Get your bets graded in real-time with our bet grading API endpoint

Our Clients

“OpticOdds has completely altered our trading & risk capabilities overnight by allowing us to confidently automate a number of previously manual or cumbersome processes at scale through their commitment to data science, real-time pricing accuracy, and seamlessness of integration. Their reliability as a partner has also helped unlock our product teams ability to drive forward in other areas of the business, making it a true game changer of a partnership.”

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Jason Shapiro

Head of Gaming Ops at VividPicks

How to switch to OpticOdds from DonBest?

Are you coming from another odds provider? It's easy to switch to OpticOdds:

Tell us your previous provider

Verify the migration settings

We provide you with the mapping id details

With its easy setup and seamless data migration, switching from DonBest to OpticOdds has never been easier.

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