Outperform your Competitors with Real-Time and Historic Market Comparisons

Market Intelligence gives operators insight into competitor market coverage, their hold, alternate lines, uptime and release time.

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What's included

Identify opportunities and boost revenue by moving on missing events and markets.

Select your competition and zoom into a sport > league > market and see missing markets compared to your direct competitors.

Easily identify gaps in fixtures, markets, odds and margins. Gain the intel you need for roadmap decision-making.

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Stay ahead of the game with personalized notifications and insights.

Get alerts for event gaps, missing market opportunities, and high-performing markets of your competitors.

Don’t get caught off guard, daily notifications are available for sportsbooks that you select for introducing or removing markets.

Receive proprietary insights about odds accuracy, uptime, historical performance, and trading signals.

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Player Props, futures & alternate market odds

Don't settle for incomplete data! Market Intelligence providers coverage of player props and alternate markets, which make up more than half of all bets. Stand out from the competition and turn these markets into revenue drivers by directly integrating them into your offering

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Benefit from 24/7 trading support, around-the-clock technical support, and enterprise-grade uptime.

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