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Caesars Sportsbook API

Get access to Caesars' sportsbook API: real-time betting odds, player props, alternate markets, futures, historical odds & more.

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What you get with Caesars' Sportsbook API:

Why settle for slower data providers? With OpticOdds, you have THE fastest data you need in one place, packaged in an easy to use API.

Pre-match & in-play live odds

Get main lines, alternate markets, and props from over 100 of the most popular sportsbooks in the world, all in one place


Get the most comprehensive list of futures across all major sportsbooks and leagues

Deep links

Maximize affiliate revenue and send users directly to the exact wager they click on at the correct sportsbook

Injury reports

OpticOdds has comprehensive injury data for all the major sports leagues - NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and more

Game & player results

See real time game and player scores and stats

Schedules & rosters

Get schedules and roster data for all teams across the major sports leagues

Historical data

Get historical scores and odds data for all major leagues and sports

Bet auto-grader

Get your bets graded in real-time with our bet grading API endpoint

OpticOdds + Caesars Sports Betting API

OpticOdds has hundreds of servers to process over 1 million odds per second, ensuring you always have the fastest data on the market from Caesars and 100+ other sportsbooks from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

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Connect to Caesars' API in Under 5 Minutes

Get integrated with Caesars' sportsbook API in less than 5 minutes with our comprehensive sports betting API developer documentation

OpticOdds' API returns data in structured JSON or XML. We offer a simple and thoughtfully designed odds API that's a breeze to get started with. We also have a push stream of odds data for your convenience.

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Caesars' API: Try it for free

Get access to Caesars' sportsbook API and real-time odds on a trial basis. Plus access to 100+ other sportsbooks APIs. OpticOdds is the best API for sports betting data. Guaranteed.

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The fastest, most precise products in sports betting

Caesars Odds Screen

For an out of the box solution to Caesars' sportsbook odds, consider the OpticOdds' Odds Screen -- the fastest, most comprehensive odds screen in the world.

Caesars betting odds plus 100+ sportsbooks

Comprehensive coverage of Caesars' main markets, alternate markets & player props

Guaranteed fastest data

Most accurate bettings odds based on player news & injury reports

Custom weighted consensus lines

Real-time notifications when Caesars lines move

Odds Screen

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