More Markets, More Money: The OpticOdds Market Intelligence Tool


Sportsbooks are constantly adding new markets & looking for additional ways to drive betting volume. Assuming a standard hold of 5%, an additional $1,000,000 in wagers would drive $50,000 in profit.

For parlays, the standard take rate for bookmakers is even higher. According to Legal Sports Report data, the average parlay hold is roughly 10%. From January to October of 2023, legal bookmakers profited $8.5 billion off parlays on roughly $90 billion of betting volume.

Since the legalization of regulated, online sports betting in 2018, major sportsbooks have launched a variety of new “bet types” to drive additional volume, such as Same Game Parlays (SGPs). OpticOdds recently launched a Same Game Parlay Tool to compare SGP odds from sportsbook to sportsbook, ensuring you’re never “off” from the market.

However, the easiest way to drive additional betting volume is by adding new markets. As a sportsbook, you’re like a restaurant. Sports bettors should have a vast “menu” of options to choose from. If major sportsbooks such as FanDuel are offering markets & leagues that you’re not offering, then bettors will take their volume elsewhere. Sportsbooks don’t offer markets on niche leagues such as NPB & KBO for no reason. It’s all about the long tail.

OpticOdds Market Intelligence Tool

The OpticOdds Market Intelligence Tool offers real-time market comparisons, live notifications, competitor alerts & analytical insights programmatically, allowing you to make informed decisions on your market coverage.

With the Market Intelligence Tool, you can zone in on specific leagues & maximize revenue by easily integrating markets that your competitors are offering. The OpticOdds Market Intelligence Tool also shows you uptime, release time, average hold & even if competitors are offering alternate lines.

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